Welcome to NL Kids Ministry

It is not by chance that you are reading this. We have prayed for people of God’s choosing to step into an anointed position of teaching and guiding our next generation. Similar to Esther, we believe you were made for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

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Child & Youth Protection Manual

Training Resources

Watch the full video online in the following four segments.

Session 1: Preserving God’s Call in the Life of a Child

Covered topics:

  • Describe the effects of child abuse
  • Commit to safe ministries for children and youth
  • Understand how molesters operate
  • Discover steps to protect staff and volunteers from false accusations

Session 2: Protection and Purity

Covered topics:

  • Commit to effective abuse prevention in our churches
  • Identify and take action on warning signs of abuse
  • Understand and implement proactive and redemptive steps for responding to allegations of abuse

Session 3: Boundaries, Behavior and Barriers (attitudes and reactions)

Covered topics:

  • Boundaries for volunteers who work with children and youth
  • Behavior management for church volunteers
  • Barriers to adults reporting their concerns about other adults

Session 4: Self-Protection with Godly Confidence

Covered topics:

  • Ten ways to protect children and youth from abuse
  • Warning signs that a child feels uncomfortable
  • How to respond if someone tells you they have been abused
  • Youth to youth abuse – what it is and how to prevent it